Using meson for stm32 development

STM32 Meson Ive been a big fan of stm32-cmake which simplifies the setup of a stm32 embedded project. All that is required is the STMCubeMX directory and the chip being used. All the rest is automatically generated by stm32-cmake. I’ve recently learned about meson and have decided to create the stm32-meson project as a way to learn how to get something useful done is meson. First I’ll show the expected usage of the project. [Read More]
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TestDisk Saved My Data

Using Testdisk to Recover a Formatted Partition

It started a couple days ago when I was trying to format a flash drive on Linux. I ran the following commands to format the flash drive to exfat so that I could use it to take some files to work that I needed. mkfs.exfat /dev/sdc1 The only problem was that I didn’t double check the device I was formatting. This is something that you should always check, when you are running a destructive command. [Read More]