Easy WireGuard setup using TailScale

WireGuard I’m pretty sure that most people have heard about the networking tool called WireGuard. It’s become very popular in the past couple of years for good reason. It is dead simple and only supports 1 encryption protocol. This prevents security flaws by accidentally choosing the wrong encryption parameters, which is easy to do if the tool you are using offers many options. It easily meets or exceeded the throughput of all other available VPN solutions. [Read More]

Tailscale Hosts

Tailscale Hosts Last post I talked about how to set up a mesh network of WireGuard peers using a service called Tailscale. One of my only complaints is that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the IP address assigned to all the peers. Tailscale automatically keeps track of all the connected peers with their IP address and hostname. This is where my program tailscale-hosts comes in. It parses the output of the tailscale status --json command append the hostname and IP address to the /etc/hosts for easy access. [Read More]

Wireguard VPN behind NAT

How to Setup VPN without Port Forwarding (Keep Alive Packets)

In this blog post I would like to show my setup on how I set a VPN to my work account without setting up port forwarding. Currently I work at a small company that does not have a large IT infrastructure. The building that we are leasing manages the network for us which means that we cannot customize the network to our needs. My goal was to be able to ssh into my work PC in case I forget to push some code and didn’t want to wait until the next time I came in the office. [Read More]