Tailscale Hosts

Tailscale Hosts Last post I talked about how to set up a mesh network of WireGuard peers using a service called Tailscale. One of my only complaints is that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the IP address assigned to all the peers. Tailscale automatically keeps track of all the connected peers with their IP address and hostname. This is where my program tailscale-hosts comes in. It parses the output of the tailscale status --json command append the hostname and IP address to the /etc/hosts for easy access. [Read More]

Dotfile Managment using dotdrop

There has to be an easier way

Every developer has a customized system that they are familiar with to make coding easier. For a Linux system this involves modifying the dotfiles for all the software being used on their system. One of the dis-advantages of all these dotfiles is that they take a long time to get setup on a system. So switching between different PC’s can be a bit of a time sync to get everything setup to your liking. [Read More]
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Meson Python Modules

The meson build system is very versatile and can be integrated with a wide variety of technology. Meson can be used to build C modules that link in as a python module. Sometimes this is required to allow Python to integrate with a system library written in C. Let start by creating a Python module called mymath which implements a function called add written in C. This library contains all the definitions for the methods to interface with the extension module. [Read More]
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Raspberry Pi IR Receiver

I recently got my hands on a IR Receiver and Transmitter module from a ELEGOO Upgraded 37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit V2.0. I wanted to learn how the technology works and figure how to the IR transmitter with my Raspberry Pi 4. EEVblog has an excellent video describing how the IR transmitter and receiver work in excellent detail. EEVblog #506 - IR Remote Control Arduino Protocol Tutorial Signal Basics The IR transmitter works by using OOK (on off keying) to modulate a carrier frequency. [Read More]