Creating Programs for Lab Machines with No Internet

2022-07-25 docker

Introduction At the office I work with a lot of remote lab machines. There are different types of these machines. Some running an old version of ... Read More

Generate ASCII Network Diagrams with protocol

2020-12-10 cli

Protocol I’ve recently found a cool little command line utility called protocol written by Luis MartinGarcia. The protocol program is used to ... Read More

Embedding Binary Data in Executable with CMake

2020-11-30 cmake

Embedding Arbitrary Data in Executable with CMake Sometimes you need to include some binary data into an executable. It’s a lot easier to ... Read More

Embedding Git Hash with CMake

2020-11-27 cmake git

Using Git Commit Hash in CMake Project Often times it’s very useful to include the version number into the software that you are building. Even ... Read More

GCC Archive Linker Oddity

2020-11-25 gcc embedded

Problem Setup I’ve recently been trying to compile a simple hello world program on a STM32F466 Nucleo development. The STM32 MCU development kit ... Read More

FFMPEG RTMP Stream Duplication

2020-09-30 rtmp ffmpeg

Desired Outcome I recently ran into a situation where I needed to stream a video source to two destinations. One destination was for YouTube ... Read More

Tailscale Hosts

2020-05-19 wireguard vpn python

Tailscale Hosts Last post I talked about how to set up a mesh network of WireGuard peers using a service called Tailscale. One of my only complaints ... Read More

Easy WireGuard setup using TailScale

2020-05-16 wireguard vpn

WireGuard I’m pretty sure that most people have heard about the networking tool called WireGuard. It’s become very popular in the past ... Read More

Added STM32F families to stm32-meson

2020-03-30 meson stm32 c

The stm32-meson project now supports more STM32 chips. Previously the the project only supported STM32G0 family of ST microprocessors. I’ve gone ... Read More

Dotfile Managment using dotdrop

2020-03-25 dotfiles python c

Every developer has a customized system that they are familiar with to make coding easier. For a Linux system this involves modifying the dotfiles for ... Read More