Added STM32F families to stm32-meson

The stm32-meson project now supports more STM32 chips. Previously the the project only supported STM32G0 family of ST microprocessors. I’ve gone through and added support for STM32F0, STM32F1, STM32F2, STM32F3, and STM32F4 families. In total 321 ST chips have been added in this update. To build the stm32-blinky project run the following syntax. The cross file must be specified which includes the proper arguments to supply to the Arm GCC compiler. [Read More]
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Meson Python Modules

The meson build system is very versatile and can be integrated with a wide variety of technology. Meson can be used to build C modules that link in as a python module. Sometimes this is required to allow Python to integrate with a system library written in C. Let start by creating a Python module called mymath which implements a function called add written in C. This library contains all the definitions for the methods to interface with the extension module. [Read More]
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Meson Polyglot - Rust and C

The definition of polyglot is “knowing or using several languages.” With that definition Meson could be considered a polyglot. Meson is able to work with multiple languages. Currently c, cpp, d, objc, objcpp, fortran, java, cs, vala and rust are supported by Meson. Rust is a language that emphasize on memory safety and speed at the same time. Let’s start with Rust’s version of Hello World! and see about compiling it using meson. [Read More]
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Using meson for stm32 development

STM32 Meson Ive been a big fan of stm32-cmake which simplifies the setup of a stm32 embedded project. All that is required is the STMCubeMX directory and the chip being used. All the rest is automatically generated by stm32-cmake. I’ve recently learned about meson and have decided to create the stm32-meson project as a way to learn how to get something useful done is meson. First I’ll show the expected usage of the project. [Read More]
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