TestDisk Saved My Data

2018-10-17 linux data recovery

It started a couple days ago when I was trying to format a flash drive on Linux. I ran the following commands to format the flash drive to exfat so ... Read More

Wireguard VPN behind NAT

2018-10-17 encryption networking vpn

In this blog post I would like to show my setup on how I set a VPN to my work account without setting up port forwarding. Currently I work at a small ... Read More

Decreasing Elf Size

2018-10-04 gcc embedded

Recently I had a problem of reducing the size of an ARM executable that was being loaded onto a embedded platform with only 640K of flash storage. I ... Read More

Audiobook Ripping on Linux

2018-09-15 shell audio

In this blog post I would like to share my process for ripping audio-books for listening to on my commute to work. I will also talk about some of the ... Read More