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Added STM32F families to stm32-meson

2020-03-30 meson stm32 c

The stm32-meson project now supports more STM32 chips. Previously the the project only supported STM32G0 family of ST microprocessors. I’ve gone ... Read More

Dotfile Managment using dotdrop

2020-03-25 dotfiles python c

Every developer has a customized system that they are familiar with to make coding easier. For a Linux system this involves modifying the dotfiles for ... Read More

Meson Python Modules

2020-02-24 meson python c

The meson build system is very versatile and can be integrated with a wide variety of technology. Meson can be used to build C modules that link in as ... Read More

Meson Polyglot - Rust and C

2020-02-12 meson rust c

The definition of polyglot is “knowing or using several languages.” With that definition Meson could be considered a polyglot. Meson is ... Read More


2020-01-30 linux gcc meson

STM32 Meson Ive been a big fan of stm32-cmake which simplifies the setup of a stm32 embedded project. All that is required is the STMCubeMX directory ... Read More

RTL-SDR basic setup

2020-01-11 sdr wireless

What is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) I recently got my hands on a RTL-SDR which is a software defined radio (SDR). A software-defined radio (SDR) is ... Read More

Automatic CMake Header Dependency

2019-12-27 cmake c++

Often times 3rd party dependencies can be the hardest part of setting up a C++ project. CMake has eased this pain, but it is still often quite ... Read More

PC / Desk Setup

2019-12-25 pc desk

I spend a lot of time at my PC so I’ve put a lot of though into the parts that make the experience a pleasent one. I have a modest PC I build ... Read More

Raspberry Pi IR Receiver

2019-12-12 python raspberry pi

I recently got my hands on a IR Receiver and Transmitter module from a ELEGOO Upgraded 37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit V2.0. I wanted to learn how the ... Read More

Vim Plug Autoload


This post is about how to write some vim-script to autoload the plugin manager from the .vimrc. This makes the process of getting up and running on a ... Read More